Couture Label

Bespoke Furniture Art

Part artwork part furniture, our work is uniquely influenced by items of clothing creating highly individual, one-off finished pieces.  Some designs physically incorporate a garment into the piece itself creating a surreal feel, while others have structural elements such as corsetry or tailoring, which are individually crafted for each piece.

Pink Label

Ready-Made Furnishings

The Pink Label from Sarah Louise Dix is the diffusion range of the Couture label. Under the Pink Label we produce a range of Corset Chairs in four finishes at a more affordable cost. Choose fabrics from faux leather, damask, linen, and tweed.

Upholstery Courses

Learn Upholstery

You can learn how to reupholster your own furniture. We offer beginners, intermediate workshops and 10 week courses using a combination of traditional, initially and modern upholstery, taught in small classes in Surrey. All tools are provided and materials offered at low cost. Just bring an item of furniture and your own inspiration.

 Victorian Deep Buttoned Armchair

Victorian Deep Buttoned Armchair

Upholstery Services


We can reupholster modern or traditional pieces that require a revamp, or full restoration. Whether it's a small stool or a large armchair or a sofa, your beloved piece of furniture will be overhauled with care, breathing a new lease of life into your furnishings. 


 Modern Sofa   

Modern Sofa