The Woodland Collection

Garden stools made of solid Surrey hardwood and covered with stylish oil skin.

The stools are upholstered traditionally using hessian, bridle ties stuffed with fibre, cotton wadding, a calico covering and oilcloth with stud work around the edge. They come in various sizes, shape and woods.

The first workshop will be at the National Trust property Dapdune Wharf on 8th , 11th, 22nd & 25th August 2013. They will be three hour workshops from 10.30 to 13.30. All materials will be supplied including the wooden rounds and top fabric. You will be guided using traditional upholstery methods and learn some interesting skills.

You will able to take your stool away at the end of the session.

£25 per person. You will take away your stool at the end of the day. 

See course date table for dates.