The Sarah Louise Dix Couture Label has recently collaborated with well established artist Caroline Lingwood and produced two, in a series of four, chair designs.

The series is a tail of gradual deconstruction, with the first two pieces showing gradual progression from the traditional to the interesting unfinished both incorporating a pair of delicate white leather Victorian lady's gloves.

The pair of Victorian open spoonback dining chairs have been reupholstered in Ian Mankin neutral linen. The first is plain with attached gloves and the second deconstructs from one side to the other, with raw edges, additional industrial studs, unfinished piping and frayed fabric. It has also been stitched to to give an impression of pencil strokes reflecting the glove shape into the chair covering. 

Chairs for sale at the Lingwood Samuel gallery. 12 Church Street. Godalming. Surrey